Fees and Prices
Fees and Prices

Our business model-based fees with 15+ fully automated services, from € 49.90

Novalnet customers can agree on the right price model for them, depending on their business case and area, together with Novalnet.

Billing modalities

You have a choice between 2 options:

1.) Billing: offsetting of fees from sales. Payment is made minus the Novalnet fees.

2.) Invoicing: the sales are paid out one to one; There is no offsetting of the fees from the turnover. The Novalnet fees are therefore billed separately.

Payment modalities / settlement

Novalnet offers different payment frequency, for example daily, three days, weekly, two-week up to a monthly payment. This also depends on the respective payment method and the associated risk of a chargeback. We are happy to clarify this in a joint discussion and contractually fix it accordingly.

Novalnet offers two payment options, both a net and a gross payment. This enables, for example, a separate presentation of sales and costs in the sense of separate accounts. Both variants are possible and can be defined according to your needs.

You will receive corresponding information from our accounting department (settlement file) for each payout in order to guarantee allocation on a single transaction basis. All cost components are shown in detail for each transaction. But not only that: All accounting data can be freely selected for each payment transaction (see Accounts Receivable Management).