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Receive payments easily with EPC-QR-Pay

With EPC-QR-Pay you offer your customers the possibility to pay on site with their banking app.

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How to pay with Novalnet in a surprisingly simple way


Open your banking APP


Scan the QR code from the Transfer menu


Complete the transfer

Total Price


Prices includes all taxes

Payment Method

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Online or Offline Application

EPC-QR-Pay works both online and offline.

Use online by embedding the QR code into your website or offline by printing and displaying the QR Poster as an analogue portal to digital.

The QR code is valid indefinitely. It can be used an unlimited number of times.

How EPC-QR-Pay works?

EPC-QR-Pay, also known as GiroCode, is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way we make transactions. By utilizing QR codes, this innovative method allows users to effortlessly and securely complete payments through their smartphones with banking app.

To begin with, customers simply need to scan the unique QR code displayed at participating merchants using their banking app. Once connected, all pertinent transaction details are transmitted wirelessly in real-time. These details typically include information such as purchase amount and product description for verification purposes. After verifying these details on their end, users can confirm the transaction by entering a personal identification number (PIN) or using biometric authentication methods like fingerprint recognition or facial scanning—ensuring unparalleled security throughout the process.

The completed transaction is then promptly reflected on both parties' records while providing convenience and efficiency for individuals who no longer have to carry physical cash or cards when making purchases—with just a simple scan via EPC-QR-Pay yielding seamless monetary exchanges at any establishment that supports it.

Fixed or Open Amounts

Configure the QR code to suit your needs.

Fixed, open or minimum amounts can be set for the QR code. Open and minimum amounts are ideal for tips or donations.