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Novalnet Supports Caritas in Germany Flood Relief Efforts

Germany Flood Relief by Caritas

Novalnet supports Caritas, a global aid organisation, in their flood disaster relief efforts in Germany with financial aid. The aid is meant for the relief work in the states affected by intense floods in July 2021.

“The images of devastation and human suffering from the past two weeks deeply affected the entire Novalnet workforce,” said Emmanuel Kirse, COO at Novalnet. “We are moved by the incredible relief work done by Caritas on the ground and want to make this financial contribution which we believe will bring help to even more people.”

The disastrous results of the flood are evident, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. With flooded homes, damaged roads, collapsed buildings, the danger of imminent collapse for many houses, the situation remains tense.

Support Caritas in their ongoing relief efforts

The Caritas support workers stand by the flood victims as they distribute food, take care of the evacuees and provide psychological support. Elsewhere, they take in people from other institutions in Caritas hospitals and nursing homes. Caritas also delivers emergency aid as one-off lump-sum donations and helps prepare support applications to help people rebuild their houses and lives. Caritas also uses emergency power generators, dryers and pumps to facilitate the rebuilding process.

Novalnet would like to encourage the e-commerce industry and the public to provide further support at their donations page.


Caritas Donate page

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