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Would you like to extend your payment options?

Our solution: all payment types via one platform


Your Payment Service Provider for Payment Processing and Riskmanagement in e-Commerce.

Our e-Payment Solutions:

  • Online Payment

    Novalnet is your payment service provider for all popular payment types over one plattform.

  • Fraud Prevention & Riskmanagement

    The intelligent fraud prevention modules of Novalnet reduce significantly the risk of deficit in payment.

  • Debt Collection Management

    Optional debt collection service: automatic transfer of overdue payments to the accounts receivable management at no cost.

  • Subscription Management

    Automated recurring payments with monitoring of incoming receipts, flexible and cost-free.

  • Affiliate Program

    Via the Novalnet backend you can easily setup affiliate partners and automate the payouts.

Flexible Integration via Gateways:

  • Payment Plugins for more than 35 standard shops

    Novalnet offers cost-free payment modules for all established shop, CMS and blog systems.

  • flexible Payment Gateways for free programmed systems

    Our payment solutions can be integrated seamlessly into all self programmed online-shops and websites.

  • Payment via XML Method, HTTP Post, iFrame

    Several gateways allow an individual custom-fit integration of the Novalnet e-payment into your existing framework.

  • Link to Accountancy

    Novalnet delivers detailed csv files including all transactions to easily transfer the data into your accountancy.

  • Link to Merchandise Management

    Plugging the Novalnet online payment system into your inventory management makes you more efficient and optimizes the data flow.

Your fundamental advantages with Novalnet:

  • Low Transaction Costs

    You will receive best tailormade e-payment conditions for your online shop or your website.

  • A Single Plattform for all Payment Types

    With one payment module you can flexibly choose amongst various payment types to design the package that suits you best.

  • Free Debt Collection Service

    On request, outstanding claims will be transfered automatically after their due date to the debt-collection provider at no additional cost.

  • Secure Payment Processing

    Highest standards for security: PCI DSS certification, data transfer via 256-bit SSL-encryption, Trusted Shop-conform modules, BaFin authorisation.

Service designed for you:

  • flexible Payment Plugins

    The Novalnet payment plugins can be integrated individually into your internet presence or online shop thanks to our in-house technical department.

  • cost-free Technical Support

    We will support the implementation of the Novalnet payment gateways with our costfree technical service until the online payment is up and running smoothly.

  • clever Admin Portal

    The Novalnet administration interface provides all payment details in realtime and gives insights by analysis and in your bills.

  • User-friendly Checkout for higher conversion rates

    Increase the usability and conversion rate of your online shop - with Novalnet payment your customers can order without redirection during checkout.

  • Realtime Monitoring across all Payment Methods

    Follow your incoming payments in realtime and track your revenue development accros all payment types, affiliates and time periods.

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Novalnet supports all popular Shop, CMS and Blog systems
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About Novalnet as Payment Service Provider

E-Commerce without Payment Service Provider, is it still viable?

The question should rather be: Under which circumstances is a partnership with a payment service provider really profitable? As long as you are willing and able to manage any aspect of the payment process by yourself, you will neither win nor lose anything. From the moment you want to increase your shop’s conversion rate through a wider choice of payment types for your customers, your administrative workload to handle the financial transactions will double or triple in consequence. And time (in fact yours) is still money!

Payment Service Provider = easier to offer more payment methods = generate more revenue

This is a given fact: The more payment options you offer to your potential customer in the shop, the more likely it is the purchase will come about. Yes, there are exceptions; however a payment service provider has more expertise in, for example, offering the very popular payment type amongst buyers, the payment by invoice. In this case you benefit from a higher protection through risk management with fraud modules and payment guarantee offered by payment providers. “First check it - then pay it” is becoming ever more popular among online shoppers and we as payment provider can realize this plus of conversion for your shop relatively easily. By the way: credit card companies require very high safety standards (PCI DSS), if the payment type credit card shall be introduced. You can avoid this additional effort, since as a payment service provider our payment gateways are already compliant to Payment Card Industry Security Standards.

A good payment provider will be the extra sales engine for your online business: due to its specialization in the processing of payments, you can save the time which you would need to become a successful online merchant. Our references speak for themselves. The Novalnet AG as Payment Service Provider gathers the administrative workflow around “how can I receive the money from the customer quick and safely, while the customer receives the order promptly”; In the meantime you can concentrate on making your shop more popular and generating more revenue. As the effort of integrating additional payment modules in online shops can be quite high, for us as a payment service provider it is of utmost priority to create customer loyalty through excellent service and not through contract duration. In other words: we support you in any case during the installation of our payment modules in your online shop. By the way, currently we support already 35 shop systems (ex: Magento, xtc, Oxid, SEO:commerce and many more). Complete list of all payment gateways.

Payment Service Provider = more safety, more profits, less effort

More revenue however is only one aspect why the cooperation with a payment service provider can be clever, because not always does more revenue equal safe gains. For you as online merchant a new customer comes without records and if you are dealing with a black sheep (ergo: a potential bilk) or not, will only be revealed once maybe the order is already shipped and the direct debit gets cancelled or the “customer” may never get back to you. As payment service provider we will assist you before the purchase procedure with our fraud modules (risk management) and can protect you more effectively from unpleasant surprises in form of payment defaults.

As Payment Service Provider we will help you also to keep track of your payments. Who paid? Who does not? Do have to send customer xy a payment reminder? No, this is done automatically by our system and if necessary our partner companies will handle the automatized debt collection routine – to offer an extra in service for you. Get in touch with us, we would love to be the engine of your e-business as Payment Service Provider!