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Social commitment

Traffic rules and road-safety education in elementary schools

Police union

Road safety is an indispensable part of educational work in schools. Novalnet AG lends its support to the police trade union in this important task. For over 40 years, police officials have been working together with elementary schools. Through targeted training using mock traffic situations, the pupils are educated on how to behave as responsible road users. The training concludes with a cycling proficiency test, which many of us know from the perspective of a student.  

Statistics show the real picture: young elementary school pupils, who have passed the cycling proficiency test, are less often involved in cycling accidents, in comparison with children who have not received any such training.

In addition to traffic school training sessions, children can also experience vividly real traffic scenarios in a driving simulator and in the form of a puppet theatre. A new colouring book, which has been sponsored by Novalnet, will provide an additional opportunity to teach children, in a playful manner, effective road safety. Through play, pupils learn safe behavior in traffic by, for example, painting traffic signs or by solving riddles.

Novalnet AG cares not only about the security of your payment processing but also, and more importantly, about the safety of your children.