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Risk management

Risk management

Fraud & Risk management

Novalnet protects your business against payment fraud and defaults but also maximizes your acceptance rates by offering you a complete suite of highly effective tools and dedicated expertise to help you manage and optimize fraud prevention practices. Fraud solutions are modular and built directly into the payment flow, allowing you to select and combine individual modules that best fit your needs.

Novalnet’s comprehensive fraud management solution contains sophisticated technologies to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time by using a global, cross-industry network of data.

Our dedicated Fraud Managers will work with you to assess your company’s risk appetite and configure a tailored risk solution, aligning with your business requirements.

We rely on the latest and most advanced technologies such as:

  • - Device Fingerprinting
  • - Behavioral Analytics
  • - Advanced IP Geolocation Tracking
  • - Cross-Merchant and Sector Intelligence
  • - Dynamic 3D Secure 2.0
  • - Industry Specific Risk Profiles
  • - Automated chargeback management
  • - Case Management

Our advanced tools and team of experts, will empower businesses by reducing fraud and operational costs, while ensuring profitability and higher conversion rates.

Risk management

Integrated fraud checks during the payment process

All available fraud checks are built into the Novalnet payment process, depending on the requirements of the different payment methods. These fraud checks can be enabled or disabled in the Novalnet administration portal for each of your projects.

Further integrated fraud detection modules: PIN by Callback and PIN by SMS

Novalnet offers two different fraud modules, "PIN by Callback" and "PIN by SMS", are integrated into the payment flow and can be activated or deactivated during checkout process. It functions similar to the TAN verification offered by banks.

Risk management
Risk management

Minimize risk of non-payment

You can check your customer’s credit rating in real time before approving orders, so that customers with low creditworthiness are offered secure payment methods to minimize payment defaults. The fraud modules can be combined and tailored to your needs to ramp up sales and profitability.

External fraud checks

Few of the fraud prevention tools can also be configured externally before the payment process, depending on your business requirements.

Risk management

Easy integration and configuration

The fraud modules are already integrated in the Novalnet payment plugins and can be easily configured thanks to the self-explanatory menu navigation and user interface.