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Payment by invoice


Payment by invoice

Your advantages :

• Most popular payment type with Germans
• No manual effort
• Debt collection service free of charge

As currently frequently shown in various surveys among e-commerce customers, payment by invoice is the most popular payment type with Germans. Payment by invoice is a convenient and safe payment option for your customers. Online shoppers prefer payment by invoice due to its safety, especially in online shops visited the first time. You first receive the goods or can use a service and pay only after examination ofthe goods or provision of the service. Then the customer has only to pay the invoice via bank transfer and only for goods that are kept, not for returned goods. For e-commerce merchants, many customers expecting this payment type can be lost.

For you as shop maintainer this payment type comes with certain risks, as payment defaults may occur easily. The administrative effort is also relatively high, as the vendor has to monitor incoming payments and eventually send out reminders. If you as an online merchant do not offer payment by invoice to your customers, you risk cancelled purchases and a low acceptance of your online shop. For your competitiveness and your development of sales it is crucially decisive that your customers can use all common and accepted payment options. Therefore, risks can be greatly reduced by intelligent fraud prevention beforehand and the free debt collection service by Novalnet as a follow-up.

As a payment service provider we manage and control your incoming payments so that your administrative effort is greatly reduced. If required, you can also initiate a debt collection via our automatized debt collection service and have your claims collected without additional costs.