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Own / self-developed systems

Own / self-developed systems

In case you use an individual solution for your online shop, maintain a self-programmed website or use a ready-made shop / content management system that is not listed, you can find information here. As a payment service provider with an in-house technical development department, we support you straightforwardly in integrating self-programmed web sites and develop payment plugins for ready-made systems on request.


You attach importance to individual implementations? Your online shop is self-programmed or was designed specifically for e-business? In this case, we as a payment service provider are also pleased to support you with our down-to-earth payment solutions.

No matter whether your e-business is based on Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Python, .net SAP or any other programming language or platform – thanks to our in-house technical team, we as a payment provider can develop a bespoke solution together with you (in any programming language). You best contact us by calling our support team. As soon as we have received your request, one of our technical staff members will get in touch with you. Depending on the scope and efforts required for the adaptation of our payment modules, we will provide an individual offer for you or support you free of charge in case of minor effort.

Since we as a technically competent payment service provider already offer various gateways, these can be integrated fast into your system. This way, you have the possibility to control the desired processes flexibly. For example, you can use XML-based methods, HTTP-POST, iFrame solutions and ready-made scripts.

As a payment service provider we do not think much of standard solutions, because each shop and each e-commerce project has its own requirements and challenges. Therefore, we are glad to provide technical support and our e-payment expertise from many projects in different areas such as e-commerce, social networks, entertainment, travel, auctions, B2B, ticketing, education and many more.

As an online merchant with a special implementation you can use your payment services as well as fraud prevention, debt collection services and further additional functions such as subscription management, membership management and affiliate settlement, i.e. the complete full service of Novalnet. For this purpose, we as your reliable payment provider support you in word and in deed.

If required, we can also refer you to one of our technical partners. As a payment service provider, we only work with web developers and e-commerce experts whom we fully trust and whose references speak for themselves. Just contact us, in case you require support for a smaller or larger project and profit from our professional network.