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Online instant transfer

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Online instant transfer

Your advantages :

• Make use of wide-ranging acceptance of online banking
• Immediate confirmation of payment
• No return debits

Via the payment service of sofortbanking credit transfers can be executed by a few clicks online and immediately. Buyers and sellers profit from the real-time credit transfer which allows a rapid delivery of goods or access to digital goods. The customer enters his own PIN and TAN number as already familiar from online banking. All data is safely processed via the payment provider.

This payment type is becoming increasingly popular, as buyer protection is also applied here, and more and more customers are registered for online transfer. All online banking users that make purchases in your shop or on your website are potential customers. In order to use sofortbanking, no registration is necessary for end customers. Another advantage: in contrast to electronic direct debiting, there is no risk of return debits for the online merchant using the sofortbanking payment method.

Online instant transfer via sofortbanking is already available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK and opens up these markets with a high potential to the shop maintainer. You can also receive payments from these countries without opening a bank account there. Contact us and we as a payment service provider will gladly assist you in integrating the sofortbanking payment method and other payment types into your online shop or your website.

An advantage for online merchants and shop maintainers is that payments can be accepted in 24 currencies. Moreover, the principles of buyer and seller protection via PayPal are also valid worldwide. This is considered a plus especially by new customers, as trust in the shop or the website is reinforced. The new customer knows that in case of problems he will be refunded the amount of the purchase via the buyer’s protection.

Novalnet as a payment service provider providing you all current payment types from a one-stop-shop, also offers you this payment method which can be integrated easily via our payment modules.