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One-Click Payment


One-Click Payment

The One-Click Payment solution offers you a secure option to reuse already processed payment and customer data for later purchases of your buyers. This service complies with the existing data security regulations.

Novalnet One-Click Payment (or a so-called Payment by Reference) solution offers you a modern solution to facilitate the entire checkout process with just one click. The service is sought after by loyal customers, who do not have to re-enter their payment details, and thus built to significantly reduce the abandonment rate. You may already be familiar with this option from providers such as Amazon.

How is the data stored for one-click payments?

The most important is that no merchant processes or stores the payment data directly. When an end customer enters their data for the first time and completed a payment successfully, we create or initiate a payment reference (payment_ref), also known as alias or token, for the payment data. This alias /token includes the validity date and customer reference (customer_:no) which is returned to the merchant's system in real time. Merchant stores and manages these references (customer_no and payment_ref) in their own system. If a follow-up booking is to be made, the merchant calls up the Novalnet system with the references and the amount to be debited. The simple transmission of these parameters enables us to initiate further bookings for the respective end customer at any time during subsequent transactions, without the end customer having to re-enter payment data each time. The call can be made via the comprehensive API or via batch file (e.g. SFTP). End customers can also change their data at any time by using different options (URL, API, etc.).

Zero amount transactions

Zero amount transactions (or zero amount bookings) are used, if the end customers are not to be charged during the first transaction, but still their data and payment details should be verified for later. This can for example be the case when offering maintenance or repair services where the exact price can be defined just after the service is completed. During subsequent transactions, the end customers do not have to enter their payment details anymore, but instead, a reference to the zero amount transaction is sufficient to link the payment details entered by the end customer earlier, and debit the respective amount from the account.

Transactions with a real amount

You can process a normal transaction with the real amount and store the transaction ID (TID) of the successful transaction in your system. This helps you to charge your end customers future amounts without them having to re-enter their payment details. Whenever you want to carry out a new or a follow-up transaction, you just pass the Novalnet Transaction ID (TID) of the first or initially successful transaction to us, and we'll take care of the rest. This all happens without passing on payment details such as bank or credit card details. All relevant data (partially unrecognized payment data, such as the first 6 and last 4 digits for credit cards, the expiration month etc.), if desired, are additionally returned to the merchant's system in real time via an asynchronous return channel.

The most important is that you as the merchant do not directly process and store the payment data. Thus, making this solution fully comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).