Why End-user Support in Payments is Essential

Being customer-centric in a post-COVID world More and more consumers are embracing digital in a post-COVID world. And the appetite is growing. Consumers today expect a lot from brands when it comes to engagement. This includes everything from connected shopping journeys to greater personalization to safer payments. According to research from Salesforce, nearly 90% of […]

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Here’s How Automated Billing can Power Your Payments and Drive Business Growth

Automated Billing vs. Manual Billing? The message is clear. Any business that is keen to grow needs to automate. And as digital payments evolve, businesses have to deal with greater volumes of customers and transactions. This makes manual billing a tedious and time-consuming venture. Not to mention that it can be rife with errors and […]

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How to Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Consider this. Subscription businesses have grown by more than 400% over the last nine years. This is about five to eight times faster than traditional businesses! Subscriptions can help you to boost revenue and deepen engagement with your customers. But, managing them can pose their own hurdles. Learn how you can get the best out of your subscription payments.

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Why You Should Automate Your B2B Payments

Cross-border commerce is on the rise. And this has given a call-to-arms for e-commerce players to automate B2B payments. The times are a-changing for B2B payments. The boom in e-commerce is driving a huge digital shift in the payments space. This has led more merchants to move away from traditional paper-based payment methods to more digital options.

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MOTO mail order telephone order

MOTO Payments for E-Commerce: Here’s What You Need to Know

E-commerce players are adopting newer and simpler ways to collect payments and engage shoppers. MOTO payments are one of them, and they can be a great payment tool for your business. But how can you make them work for you? Payments are Changing Payments are getting diverse, and most companies nowadays include multiple-channel options in […]

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financial fraud

Fraud Management in the New Normal

Businesses in Europe are facing greater risk from fraud. As newer forms of fraud emerge, merchants have to stay ahead of hackers else risk being disrupted. In fact, within the first few months of the crisis starting, global phishing attacks shot up by a whopping 667%.

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Travel again

The Future of Travel Payments Will Be Custom-built

The travel industry has been put through its paces in these pandemic times. But with new learnings, smart tech, and resilience it is possible to win hearts and a winning edge again.

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Open finance helps business

Open Finance: What it Means for Your Business

Open Finance promises to change the way consumers and businesses in Europe use financial services. But what does it mean for you? What is Open Finance? Open Finance is the next step in Open Banking. It allows you to share your data with trusted third-party providers, leading to three things. First, it gives you access […]

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Payment Authorisation

Unlock Revenue With Higher Authorisation Rates

Higher authorization rates are directly related to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. But how do merchants keep their authorization rates up to be successful?

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BREXIT and European Union

Retaining Customers and Ensuring Business Continuity post-Brexit

With Brexit a reality now, the business landscape across UK and EU is evolving fast. From revised VAT laws, customs duties, to cross-border checks and overall process changes, new rules are coming into play in cross-border commerce between the UK and EU. Impact on business costs Following Brexit, significant impact is expected on imports/exports and […]

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2-factor Authentication and PSD2 in Europe: What Merchants Need to Know

New laws to counter fraud are coming into effect in the EU. Understand how this impacts your business and your customers

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Instant Payments

The Rise of Instant Payments

Contactless, ‘one-touch’, instant payments are on the rise. And as consumers move towards alternative payments systems that offer more safety and control, the need for greater interoperability in payments systems is spurring new innovation and regulation in the industry.

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