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International Payment Processing


Foreign payment transactions

In particulary in the e-commerce and online sector, the internationalization of the business is a lucrative step taken by many successful entrepreneurs. Here we also accompany and support you with our expertise as a payment service provider. To facilitate an extension of your online shop to other countries, we offer the familiar comprehensive full service for your payment processing.For the most part, you need not make any changes or just simple adaptations on your site, if you are already offering the payment types mentioned below via Novalnet.

Our merchants are located on all continents with a focus on Europe. Using the Novalnet payment portfolio, already today you can let international customers pay in your shop. Credit cards are a universally popular and frequently used mean of payment. Here, we offer you all common credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB to Diners Club. We support you during the activation process and simplify the way to PCI certification. With us as a PCI certified payment provider, this is much less cumbersome to you as a shop owner.

PayPal is also globally accepted and used by 224 million internet users in 190 countries. You benefit from many potential customers and the seller protection by PayPal. On the other hand, new customers in your shop can trust in the buyer protection by PayPal.

For the European market, we recommend the use of sofortüberweisung.de. Via direct online credit transfer, your customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK can smoothly and instantly pay their invoices. Customers benefit from speedy delivery, as goods can be sent off immediately after the order. Currently, buyers can use this convenient payment without credit card or PayPal with 25.000 vendors.

SEPA Direct Debit is introduced successively in the extended Eurozone. For you as online merchant this offers an easier possibility to debit foreign accounts without elaborately opening accounts in other countries. With Novalnet you have a payment service provider as partner that thinks ahead so that you can get started using SEPA as soon as the banking standards become known.

Moreover, you also can get your shop ready for business in Austria and offer the payment type direct debit Austria via Novalnet. Especially for German online shops and web sites, a localization for Austria is easy and quick to achieve and the ideal way to extend your circle of customers via an .at web presence. For this and all above mentioned online payment methods, we would be more than happy to assist you with our technical support.