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Endcustomer Support

Endcustomer support

After-sales: customer service / customer portal

On the Novalnet end customer portal card.novalnet.de we as a payment service provider put an additional service for online payment at your disposal. Every customer can view all transaction details using the Transaction Identification Number (TID), which appears on his/her account statement or credit card statement. This is an additional service free of charge for you as shop owner.

In case an end customer who paid online on your web site should be unable to identify a debit entry on his / her account or credit card, he / she can view the transaction details on card.novalnet.de. The end customer can easily determine where the purchase was made. This in turn significantly decreases the risk of return debit notes and chargebacks.

Furthermore, phone support is made available to end customers provided by our service staff. That means, for online payments, processed by Novalnet, you need not provide any support to your customers yourself. Via our hotline end customers can enquire directly at Novalnet, in case an online booking once cannot be identified.

In most cases however, your shop or your company will appear as payee in the customer’s account statement. Very rarely, Novalnet as payment service provider is shown there. This can be arranged individually.