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About Novalnet


About Novalnet

"Customers, whose expectations we exceed, will remain our customers! "

This is our golden principle.

Therefore Novalnet is one of the leading payment service providers offering its extensive know-how at your disposal to realize your individual payment processing. Personal service and the best value for our merchants go without saying. From us you can expect the highest level of technology, safety, reliability and support.

The Company

Novalnet AG is a leading financial services institution offering online gateways for processing of online payments. Operating in the market as a full payment service provider, Novalnet AG was founded in Ismaning near Munich, and provides online merchants user-friendly payment modules for all major shop systems as well as for self-programmed websites. The product and service portfolio is very comprehensive and includes all commonly used payment methods of online payment. These include a variety of intelligent fraud prevention modules, free technical support, an automated accounts receivable management system, a comprehensive subscription and membership management, as well as a very useful affiliate program. The experienced and international team of specialists at Novalnet is committed to support online merchants with in-depth knowledge and to work together with them hand in hand to increase their revenue and the quality of their online payments. This has been confirmed by the voters of the t3n Web Awards 2011!

The Novalnet AG is a licensed payment institute which is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Who are we?

Novalnet is a company with a strong profile. Our motivated and flexible team is very experienced in the areas of payment processing, web development and eCommerce. We follow a simple rule to work for your success: only if your business grows, we also grow with you. Therefore, we take the time for our customers and help you find the custom-fit solution. Not only the dynamic staff of Novalnet AG is working in our office premises in Ismaning, near Munich, but also take place meetings for the community of online merchants and other key members of the financial industry such as the Webmonday as well as art exhibitions, organized to display the fine art work of young international artists.

Corporate Philosophy

What is the mission of Novalnet?

Our Mission is to create sustainable value for companies by offering options beyond payments that allow our clients to focus on their core business, and enable their profitability. We do this by challenging the traditional payment industry model and by offering fully automated simple solutions connecting payment, finance and technology.

Noval is a combination of the word "nova" which in Portuguese means "new" and the English word "novel” used in the sense of "quite new and unique". The new aspect of our payment service in the online environment is our innovative complete package fulfilling highest professional standards and going far beyond just a simple payment processing and risk management system. Our products and services have always maintained a cutting edge and a competitive advantage over our competitors through constant updates and enhancements. The adaptation to our customer needs is our top priority - that's Novalnet.

Why Novalnet was created?

During his long career in the payment sector, the company's founder Gabriel Dixon, recognized that an "all-inclusive" solution was fundamentally missing in the eCommerce industry. His vision was then realized with the foundation of Novalnet, with the scope to be a full payment service provider offering online merchants the full portfolio of payment options and all additional services to ensure a complete and secure online payment system. At the same time, these services are completed with efficient additional services, so that no wishes remain open. Novalnet offers the perfect solution in the area of online payment for companies of all sizes: large international companies, SMEs as well as for online start-ups.

Gabriel Dixon - CEO and founder of Novalnet AG
  "Customer Service is of top priority and importance to me, as we live, work and interact in a world of people and not companies. The customer is after all a person, who is looking for the best possible solution for his online business. For this reason we strive each and every moment to provide our customers a secure and flexible payment gateway bundled with several additional services. For Novalnet, every customer is unique and will therefore be given the best possible service, according to his individual requirements and desires."

Gabriel Dixon - CEO and founder of Novalnet AG